iFauxne Of The Day: The Sciphone V188

One of the most hilarious things I've seen in China is the number of small mobile phone companies churning out perhaps less-than-genuine iPhones. Though originally nothing more than crappy shells with barely a sliver of the original's functions, now many of them boast specs that'll actually cause you to give them a second look—including, if you're lucky, touchscreen goodness! Today we look at the Sciphone V188.

At 116 x 62 x 16mm, the Sciphone is just a tad thicker than its Apple-made counterpart. Despite that, you get a slightly smaller screen (at 3.2-inches) and much less resolution (240 x 320 pixels). Still, there's multitouch, which makes it a step above most fakes out there!

And the Sciphone includes a couple of things the iPhone doesn't have: a removable battery (rated for about 120 to 180 minutes of talk time), dual sim cards so you can receive two numbers worth of calls at once and... three pages of menus. I guess when you can't load apps from iTunes, the company has to provide them for you from the get-go.

Cost of the iFauxne: 700 yuan ($US102.50) [Shanzhaiji]

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