Iconic Ovalia Egg Chair Reissued With Tech Upgrades

You may not know it by name, but the classic Ovalia Egg Chair probably streamed into your consciousness via the background of some MTV hipster video or the seating at a really, really cool grandma's house. (Actually, we're sure that you spotted an Ovalia chair in the shot after the jump, at minimum.) Now the Ovalia Egg Chair is getting reissued with the support of JBL.

The original 1968 design is mostly unchanged, its fibreglass shell and nylon/wool interior retaining their timelessly different style. The only structural difference seems to be that JBL speakers have been coyly hidden beneath the padding, emitting music that promises to be unobtrusive to those not sitting.

The Ovalia runs $US7700 and will only be sold to 900 lucky people. But if that price still seems expensive, keep in mind that the chair can be hung from the ceiling. The ceiling! [Panik Design via unpluggd]

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