Husband Blames iPhone For Smutty Pic Debacle, Fate of Marriage Hangs on Apple Support Discussion

A Jersey woman has called out to Apple support forum users for a little help with a problem she is having. Apparently, she borrowed her husband's iPhone and found a raunchy pic of him attached to an email sent to another woman's address. The husband admits to taking the picture, but claims that the email attachment was a glitch. In fact, he said that the folks at his local Apple Genius Bar informed him that "photos sometimes automatically attach themselves to an e-mail address and appear in the sent folder, even though no e-mail was ever sent." The wife has asked support forum users whether or not this could be true and adds that the future of her marriage rests on the answer.

Several forum members have responded saying that they have experienced the glitch, but many others (including at least one former Mac Genius) believe that this is a far-fetched and hastily concocted excuse to cover up an affair. Personally, I have to agree with the latter group. I mean, even if the glitch exists, why would a guy take a raunchy pic of himself and just let it sit in his iPhone? Plus, the woman claims that she has found other bits of incriminating evidence to support her case (he also has a history of infidelity). By the end of the discussion the wife seems have to come to her senses and realised that she needs to ditch this tool. But what do you think? Have you ever experienced this glitch? Did any of this really happen in the first place? [Support Forums via CNET]

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