HTC Touch Pro to Launch on Verizon November 24th?

According to an anonymous Engadget tipster, Verizon is supposedly launching their own version of the HTC Touch Pro on November 24th, following in the wake of Sprint and AT&T. According to the rumours, the phone would be available online starting on the 24th, but wouldn't be in stores until December 1st. Touch Pro pricing is said to be $US350 after a two-year contract and mail-in rebates, which is $US50 more than what AT&T and Sprint are offering the phone for. But what's odd is that it seems Verizon will also reducing the specs on the Touch Pro, ditching the accelerometer and reducing the RAM to 192 MB. If that's the case, it will really bring new subscribers and customers flocking to Verizon stores for sure... Can you hear me now? [Engadget Mobile]

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