How to Make Lego Bricks You Can Actually Eat

I have had my share of accidentally-eaten Lego pieces—specially the 1x1 bricks that I used to keep in my mouth when I was a kid—which actually explains the weird chemical components that always pop up in my blood tests. Some of them, anyway. But I digress. What is important here is that someone has actually come up with a way to mix two of the most important inventions in the History of Civilization—Lego bricks and gummy candies—into one single product that you can make at home: Lego gummy bricks. Yes, I know, they look—and probably are—as delicious as the real ones.

The concept is rather simple: Grab a Lego surface, a few Lego pieces, silicon to make a negative mold, cook the candy liquid, pour in, and let it cool down until it solidifies into transparent brick goodness, Lego logo included. Some people would say that this may encourage kids to eat actual Lego pieces. As I said, I ate a lot of myself and here I am. Mentally perturbed, but alive. Head to Instructables for the step-by-step instructions. Alternatively, you can buy the factory-made Kellogg's Lego Fun Snacks, obviously created to teach kids that Lego bricks taste great. And kill them. [Instructables via Make]

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