Hardware Hoarder Builds Australia's Largest Computer Museum In His House

Max Burnet worked with computers for his whole life, and he hasn't strayed far in retirement: he's collected a massive amount of vintage computer hardware in his house, creating the what is claimed to be the largest collection of its kind in Australia, and one of the most extensive in the world. He's got everything from a 20s era electro-mechanical tote board to punch card mainframes to the Apple Lisa in his huge stockpile, and odd curios aren't neglected; he's got early hard drive and RAM specimens, as well as a library of over 6000 vintage computing manuals.

As was probably the case with the Apple pack rat before him, Burnet's collection must have been borne of a special mix of odd psychology and determined enthusiasm. Check out a full gallery here. [CIO via Slashdot]

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