Google Launches Ancient Rome In 3D For Google Earth

Sometimes, I wish I was back in high school so I could make the most of the technology advances that have occured over the past ten years. Seriously - if I could have studied Ancient Rome on Google Earth back when I was in year 8, I probably would have loved history, gotten A+ grades on every assignment and been even more of a nerd than I was back then.

I mean, who wouldn't want the freedom to fly through an accurate 3D representation of the buildings and architecture of Rome back in 320AD, including over 6,000 buildings and some with high-detailed interiors? Plus, the Googs have worked with the Rome Reborn project to provide detailed historical information on each monument.

To check it out, head into Google Earth and select the Ancient Rome 3D layer under Gallery. And if you're still in school and happen to get an A+ on your ancient Rome assignment because we told you about this, make sure you remember us come Christmas time...

[Google Earth]

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