Google CEO Won't Leave to Become Nation's First Chief Tech Officer

I'm kinda disappointed Google CEO Eric Schmidt really won't be the country's first ever chief tech officer after all. Despite rumours and (fairly reasonable) speculation he was not-so-subtly campaigning for the position (and Obama), yesterday he definitively said that he wouldn't take the position if offered:

"I love working at Google and I'm very happy to stay at Google, so the answer is no." His experience and knowledge of all kinds of tech—he's really into green energy, for instance—made him one of my personal favourite choices for the position. And Google mojo is a plug by itself. So who do you want whispering in the president-elect's ear about new solar power technologies, the effect of YouPorn HD on our nation's broadband infrastructure and revamping kids' education to make them more prepared in a world that revolves around bits as much as bullets? [Reuters via Neowin]

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