Good News: Astronauts Can Drink Their Own Urine

Recently, the International Space Station got a hot new piece of equipment installed: a waste recycler. This fancy machine turns pee into delicious, delicious water. Unfortunately, they couldn't get it working right off the bat. Well, they finally did it. They are a go for pee drinking up there on the ISS.

Well, not quite. In actuality, the machine passed its initial tests, but they won't start drinking processed pee and sweat until next year. First, samples of the water it produces need to be tested down here on Earth, where non-pee water is plentiful and delicious. If the water is deemed acceptable, the crew of the ISS, soon to double in size, will be able to partake of their own delicious nectar.

The future is here, and it's kind of gross. [Breitbart]

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