Golden Shellback's Waterproofing Voodoo Magic Now Available For Purchase

Golden Shellback started circulating videos of their extraordinary gadget waterproofing treatment in action way back in July, and it took us a while (and a live demo) to really believe that it works. Well, it does, and now you can buy it. That is, if you're willing to send the company your gadget to be treated with their mysterious "vacuum deposited film." All of the coatings come with a warranty, but its modest 30 day duration raises some concerns about the coating's durability. But really, warranties? Longetivity? Whatever, tell me about it on my underwater BlackBerry. Amphibian-able gadget list, with prices, after the jump. [OhGizmo]


Blackberry Pearl $US120.00 per unit coated

Apple IPod Shuffle $US60.00 per unit coated

Apple IPod Touch $US120.00 per unit coated

Lansing IPod Speaker Orbit M $US60.00 per unit coated

Garmin GPS etrex $US75.00 per unit coated

West Marine Vhf 55 Radio $US120.00 per unit coated

Speakers (no enclosures) up to 8 inches in diameter $US100 each $US180 pair

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