Gizmodo's Haunted Halloween Post

Welcome to Gizmodo's Haunted Halloween Post. Turn of the lights and prepare to take a blood-curdling journey into the nether regions of animatronic hell. Unlike a traditional haunted house, there are no walls (except maybe the boundaries of your monitor), but each floor of this post is packed with pure evil. The story begins in a creepy looking foyer.

The room is dark except for a dim, flickering red light on the wall next to an old looking elevator. You already feel a mixture of anxiety and excitement welling up in the pit of your stomach—and the name "Hellevator" isn't doing much to calm your nerves. Despite your reservations, you and a few other brave souls muster up enough courage to step inside the lift.


Just when you were thinking "did someone just rip ass?", the elevator comes to an abrupt and violent stop. Suddenly, the doors are thrown open and you are bathed in a blinding, pulsating light. Amidst the confusion, you realise that the corridor is spinning—disorienting you even further. And the walls are...lined with thousands of corpses.

[Scare Factory / Corridor of Corpses]

You decide that this is no place for a feeble nerd like yourself and you bolt across the metal walkway. But stiff legs and spinning walls make it difficult to travel in a straight line with any speed. Using the railing for support, you finally emerge into a room with a large altar.

[Scare Factory / Angel of Death]

A siren blares. Men in hazmat suits race past you in a panic. There is screaming in the background and the room is filling with smoke. It's like the aftermath of a nuclear attack. Armegeddon. A man next to you suffers from the poison.

[Halloween Express / Vomit Barrel]

Zombies roam the streets.

[Scare Factory / Geriatric Walkers]

The world has become a barren and lawless place. Crazed criminals run through your group, followed by police with batons in hand. In order to regain control, justice must be swift and brutal.

[Fright Catalog / Jolt]

The guy in a white shirt and jeans next to you laughs. "Disaster Movie was scarier than this!" he exclaims. He has a point. That movie was pretty horrifying. But you think "God I wish that douche would shut the hell up. He has been bitching and moaning this whole..." Just then everything goes black. You jump as someone lets out a blood curdling scream right beside you. The light returns but the man in the white shirt has vanished. You dart quickly around a corner and start down a hallway that looks like the dilapidated wing of a hospital. A fluorescent light in the room to your right flickers to life. You gaze through the door window.

[Costume Find / Tortured]

Screw...this. You make a break for the door at the other end of the room as fast as your legs will take you. The door opens into the brisk October evening. You breathe a sigh of relief and look up into the night sky. Holy crap...a bright flashing light is approaching fast. Turning back would mean re-entering the building—and we know that is no longer an option. Paralyzed with fear you watch as the light approaches. that a UFO? You can hardly believe your eyes. Indeed, the aliens have sensed weakness in mankind following the chemical catastrophe. They have come to finish us off—and they have a big bag of probes with a picture of your arse on it.

[FHTC / UFO Prop]

By now you are completely frantic as you run screaming towards the exit. Once you pass through the gate back into civilization, you begin to collect yourself. After awhile, you feel ashamed at how poorly you handled the situation back there—running around like a little girl. Hell, you almost peed your pants a few times. Speaking of that, you really need to go. You're still on edge a little, but you head back to the entrance to use the facilities. urinals. Ahh, no matter—you throw open a stall door.

[Monster-Tronics ]

And that is the last thing you remembered before hitting the floor.

Bonus: The top image was captured by closed circuit security cameras at Henry VIII's Hampton Court Palace on December 19th 2003. The ghostly figure left everyone baffled:

"It's not a joke, we haven't manufactured it," said Vikki Wood, a Hampton Court spokeswoman, when asked if the photo the palace released was a Christmas hoax. "We genuinely don't know who it is or what it is."


It seems to perfect to be genuine, but to this day the footage is unexplained. Check it out for yourself:

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