Giant Harvester Terminator Makes John Connor Pee His Post-Apocalyptic Pants

I can't believe I'm tingly for McG's Terminator: Salvation, but I really am. Art Director Martin Laing takes us through the most detailed look yet at the brand-new Terminators—there are 10 in all—bent on the singular task of wiping out humanity in the new film. The scariest one, which we'd only peeked briefly before, is the Harvester, a Terminator Colossus that towers over puny Resistance fighters like an evil mecha or Transformer.

This hulking monster actually sends out smaller, faster Mototerminators to bring humans back to it for proper shredding into pure viscera. We also get to see the first detailed look at the T-600, aka the bulky, rubber-skinned proto-Arnold Terminators, that are still plenty deadly, plus glimpses at the rest of the new Terminators. I was really sceptical at first, but I think Terminator: Salvation might just be awesome. [io9]

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