Gears of War 2 Gets Us Excited For Alien Homicide

Microsoft's other popular Xbox 360 shooter is Gears of War 2, which hits stores tomorrow. We already got hands-on coverage of the custom-painted, custom-content Zune that accompanies this global marketing push, but here are some more shots of the exterior and some more details about what you get when you buy one.

The Zune has the full Gears of War 1 soundtrack, nine Gears of War videos (trailers and such), and 244 images such as concept art and photos of people who worked on the game. If you're a Gears fan that's on the fence about buying a Zune, this is a pretty viable option considering all the GoW extras you get. $US279 gets you the 120GB version (which will be outdated in two years when Gears of War 3 debuts).


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