Full Exchange Syncing Comes to Android via Third Party

Speaking of Android, you G1 fans may recall that the phone launched with zero-point-zero Exchange functionality, pissing off more than one business person (at least two or three). The Android masters said that the platform would happily support third-party Exchange integration, and lo, here it comes. This week, NitroDesk rolled out TouchDown, "the world's first on-the-phone solution for accessing your Exchange Server email, contacts and calendar on Android-powered handsets."

You may recall that a month ago, I told you about a free third-party contact syncing app for Android. TouchDown, which costs $US30, is a little more involved:

• It works with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1 and "most" online Exchange hosts.
• You can compose, send, reply, reply-all, forward and delete emails.
• You can add, delete or edit contacts from the phone, updated two-way to your Exchange account.
• It doesn't require an app running on your computer to serve the stuff to the phone.

Here are some screens: We're probably not going to test the app straight away, but if you happen to give it a run, please comment here for the benefit of others. [Press Release; TouchDown Product Page]

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