Foxtel Offering Free iQ For 12 Months

foxtel iq1.pngOoh, and the battle between Foxtel and TiVo just keeps getting better. Foxtel have just upped the ante by offering the original iQ PVR for free to new customers for 12 months with no installation fee. That means that if you sign up to Foxtel, you get a free PVR for 12 months, although you'll need to be paying at least $40 a month for the Foxtel service.

They've also introduced an incentive for potential iQ2 subscribers, which includes their four HD channels for free for seven months when you sign up for the iQ2.

There are apparently some special deals going for existing digital subscribers who want to upgrade to iQ in a multi-room capacity as well, but it depends on plans and is a bit confusing, so you're best bet is to call 131999 to get the low-down on what they can offer.


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