Foxtel Expands Its Online EPG To 14 Days

foxtel epg.jpgAnd the battle for PVR of choice in your living room rages on, growing more and more violent with each passing week. This time, Foxtel has sent a mortar in the shape of an enhanced online EPG into TiVo's camp. Foxtel have expanded their online EPG to 14 days, meaning you can check out upcoming TV shows and movies up to two weeks in advance. Plus, they've added a whole raft of new advanced search functions to help iQ subscribers find more of the shows that they want to watch, and then send the order to record directly to their iQ remotely.

Unfortunately, the TV EPG is still restricted to 7 days in advance, but watching the way this war is really building up, surely it can't be too long before we see 14 days become the norm for all EPGs...


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