Flying Aerocar Auction Shows the Future Comes From 1956

This flying automobile is probably the only real transformer in existence: The Aerocar, a machine that actually flies and can be legally driven on a highway. Built by Moulton B. Taylor in 1956 and powered by a Lycoming 160HP engine, you only have to attach the folded wings, tail, and propeller to explore the skies at 265kph. Don't believe it? The FAA does, and you only need $US3.5 million to buy and enjoy one.

Patented on October 13, 1956, the Aerocar is the only car that is a fully FAA-certified aeroplane. This one has the FAA registration number N103D and apparently it is in working condition after 1,103 flight hours, even while the last official inspection was performed in 1976. According to the eBay seller, "an informal inspection of the plane by an FAA licensed A&P aircraft mechanic was performed in August of 2006." [eBay via Dark Roasted Blend]

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