Flash Support for Windows Mobile About to Leapfrog iPhone For No Good Reason

Adobe is set to demonstrate a full-functioning build of Flash on Windows Mobile 6.1 today at the Adobe MAX conference, indicating that the era of hacky stop-gap measures and the mildly convincing Flash Lite may soon be coming to an end, at least for some. But what of the two most net-centric phone OSes? Android development is mercifully under way, but as far as the iPhone is concerned, all we hear is an echo:

We are working on Flash on the iPhone, but it is really up to Apple.

This is pretty disheartening, especially when you consider that Adobe has previously claimed that Flash for the iPhone could be out in "a very short time" if Apple gave the green light. CPU load, battery life, video performance and reluctance to open up their browser to plugins could all be issues at play here, but they're not necessarily dealbreakers, and certainly not unique to the iPhone. Taking into account Apple's recent bout of surprise stubbornness, it looks like it might just be time to just, you know, move on.

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