Finnair Shows Us How We'll Fly in 2093

Finnair thinks it knows how your children's children might be flying around the skies (and space) in about 90 years. One way might be in a flashy personal craft; another way could be a slick hybrid craft that transitions from 35,000ft. to low earth orbit with ease. The planes each have that sleek look we'd expect the future to have, but I think Finnair needs to try a bit harder. This is the future, after all, and nary a mention of a flying car? Sacrilege. And the Space Hotel, especially, kinda looks like it was stripped from an old Buck Rogers Amazing Stories novella.

Born Rich was gracious enough to compile Finnair's summaries for each "aeroplane" so here they are:

Finnair A600-850 M: With a seating capacity of 600 to 850, the Finnair A600-850 M aircraft a wide-bodied, zero-emission supersonic aircraft, designed for long-haul routes. Entertainment and wellness services are right there under the cabin. In these areas, the windows are replaced with AV windows, which offer zoomable views of the sky or the earth. The intelligent seats in the cabin adjust to the passenger's weight, height and age. The seats feature internet and satellite links. The backrest of each seat has a 20-inch 3D display. The electricity needed is generated by solar panels fitted on the aircraft's surface.

Finnair A600-850: Touting the same seating capacity, this model is a zero-emission aircraft, designed for short haul routes. The Finnair A600-850 is also eco-friendly as the electricity is generated by solar panels on the vessel's outer surface.

Finnair A1700-2400 Cruiser: This one looks really futuristic. The charter aircraft with turning engines located in front has been designed for both gliding and vertical take-off. It can even land on water. Other than the normal amenities, the aircraft features hologram theatres, restaurants, and bars, shops, meeting rooms, a beauty parlor, a first-aid station, gymnasiums and a quiet room.

An aircraft for everyone: It's a combination of a helicopter and a small aircraft. They hope to introduce first version of the aircraft in the 2020. Almost 85 per cent of the aircraft's outer surface is covered with electricity-generating solar cells.

Space hotel's service ship: This one caters to space tourism and is intended to carry passengers directly to the space hotel. The space hotel's facilities include restaurants, various recreational areas, an auditorium, a health station and greenhouses. There are 450 beds available for tourist use.

[Finnair via Born Rich]

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