Finally, a Porn Webcams Site Just for the iPhone

Sometimes, you just want to see an ugly girl in Bulgaria taking her clothes off for you in real time, but you aren't near a computer. Oh, cruel fate! If only there was a way to see a tiny, low-quality video of said ugly girl stripping on your iPhone! Well, good news (I guess): now there is. Yes, it's the first iPhone-only porn cam site. is definitely iPhone-only - it won't work on your computer's browser if you try it. What do you get when you go there and plunk down a membership fee? Access to a slew of cam feeds of both the single and couple variety, although mostly just single, sad girls on ugly bedspreads. The quality ain't great, and this is on WiFi. And if it's not worth it on WiFi, it's definitely not worth it on 3G. But hey, this is the only game in town for mobile cam feeds, so if you're the type of person who really gets your rocks off talking to a stripper on the internet in the back of a cab, your ship has come in. [ (iPhone only, NSFW) via Fleshbot (NSFW)]

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