How Do I Love Thee? Well, I Can't Count the Ways...

A study commissioned by Professor Semir Zeki of University College London sought to explore the difference between love and hate in the human mind. It found, oddly enough, that hate tends to be more rational than love. What does this all have to do with gadgets? It just might explain why you commenters fight incessantly about Apple and Microsoft.

The study is a little small for my liking, at only 17 people, and the results seem a bit anecdotal, but they do make sense. Imagine trying to explain why you like somebody: you're bound to use vague words. "Oh, she's really, um, nice, and cool, and funny." But then explain why you dislike somebody: "Oh GOOD LORD if she says 'utilise' instead of 'use' one more time I'm just going to explode all over her and she'll have to UTILISE all sorts of cleaning products to get my rage shrapnel off her shirt!" See what I mean? The hatred is so much more specific than the love.

So when you Apple fanboys blurt out nonsense like "No but Mac OS just works better! It's, um, well, easier!" and yet Apple haters can compose long and tiresome rants about the enclosed architecture and infuriating attitude of OS X, it's neither of your faults. It's science. Sort of.

Honestly, I'm a little dubious. Sure, I can think of situations in which the rationality of hate over love makes sense, but not in all cases, and it seems like too much generalisation to make statements about "love" and "hate" like either is any one simple thing. But maybe I'm just being overly rational in my hatred of this study. [CNET]

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