DUI Mobile Phone Game to be Followed by Using Phone While Driving Game

Those of you with a Windows Mobile phone in the audience just lucked out, because a new, extra classy mobile phone game is on the way. It's called DUI: The Long Drive Home, and it puts your drunk driving skills to the test through the magic of your phone's camera and an exciting progression of minigames!

Windows Mobile players follow Humphrey through his night of debauchery as he parties around town, has maybe a little too much to drink, and tries to get himself home - all the while trying to avoid being discovered by his wife. Players are faced with 10 mini-game challenges including getting the keys in the car ignition, driving home safely without smashing into obstacles, and the ultimate test - passing the dreaded field sobriety test.

Ed note: that "dreaded field sobriety test" is my favourite part.

Five levels of difficulty make DUI: The Long Drive Home increasingly more difficult and fun, and local leader boards let players return again and again to improve their scores

Increasingly more difficult and fun? Sounds even better than real drunk driving!

Much of the game uses tilt controls, derived from your phone's integrated camera as opposed to an accelerometer. And while we have no idea when it will be released or what it will cost, we'd like to remind everyone that there's a special place in Hell for those who play a fake DUI game on their mobile phones...and that place can be found pretty much any time you load up a mobile phone game at all. [Tilt n Twist via MTV]

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