Comcast Tests New P2P Protocol, Nearly Doubles Download Speeds

Here's something you don't expect to see: Comcast taking part in a test of new P4P file sharing protocol that offers up greatly increased speeds. And they actually want to make its use widespread. What's the catch here?

Essentially, the system localises peer-to-peer file sharing. Right now, when you hop on a torrent, you download and upload data from and to people all over the world. It's quite inefficient. P4P prioritises peers who are on your local ISP network, making downloads both much faster and much more efficient.

The system relies on iTrackers being installed on ISPs networks. The more networks that run iTrackers, the better the P4P system will run and the faster the speeds will be. Comcast is pushing to make the iTrackers an Internet Engineering Task Force standard, which would help the spread and use of the software greatly.

They want this because this is an actual win/win situation in the file-sharing front. P2P users get better speeds and Comcast gets less load on their backbone. Group hug, y'all! [Ars Technica]

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