Catching Up: Lawn, Kids, Off

Hey Brian,
It's my first Halloween since I moved into my new house, so I really need to make sure I have enough candy so the neighbourhood kids don't change my exterior paint to eggshell white. That means no fun size candy—only the good stuff.

I finally got a chance to play with the New Xbox Experience on my own home console, which Mark reviewed Wednesday, and it's pretty fantastic, but I still have some complaints. The biggest one is that there aren't enough avatar feature choices, so it's just about impossible to make an asian dude that looks like me. The guy I have now looks like Hiro Nakamura and Frank 'Grimey' Grimes from the Simpsons. It does have something like nine different levels of receding hairline choices; something that would have pleased Peter Moore if he were still at Microsoft.

But back to H-Ween.

• Sean has a good Gizmodo haunted house for you to pee your pants through
• Frasier's dad is up on his H-Brew for Wii, distilling dozens of incomprehensible forum posts into something your brain won't explode while reading

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