British Airways Offers Check-in Via Mobile Phone In 11 Languages

BA5420.lowres.jpg.jpgI say! Have you heard of this jolly good technology being sprouted on the interweb, old chap? It's a British invention, naturally. British Airways is letting its passengers check in via their mobile phone. No, no, not just on the iPhone - although they've offered that since July - on any mobile phone with a mobile browser. They're even offering the service in 11 different languages. I know: you have to wonder about the state of the Empire when our national airline offers something in French, but at least we beat those buggers across the Pond to the punch. The best part, other than it being British, is that you don't even have to download any additional software - just point your mobile browser at and enter your booking number and surname. What's that? Why yes, it is jolly good. Well, I'm off to enjoy the miserable British weather. Huru!


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