Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

breakfast-fryup.jpg1.4 Billion Pixel Digicam Will Spot Asteroids Before They Hit Us Damn. Looks like Bruce Willis still has work to do...

HDCP Restrictions Rolled Back on New MacBooks They should never have been rolled forward in the first place.

Gesture-Controlled Light Switch is Like a Trackpad For Your House Someone make this a real product today (and then install it in my house).

Simple Hack Adds Power-Charge USB Slot to VGA Socket Do this and you can call yourself a hacker.

How Big Is the ISS Compared to Science Fiction Spaceships? Hint: Not big enough.

5 Gadgets You Can't Skimp On (And How to Save Money Buying Them) I personally disagree completely with the satnav advice - TomTom is where my money is at, although the nuvi is a great product too.

Giz Explains: Why Intel's Core i7 Processor Is a Beautiful Monster Because it's big, blue and furry? No?

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