Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

breakfast-peanutbutter.jpgUnconfirmed: Snow Leopard Release Set For Q1 2009
Remember our rule about rumours, kids…

NXE Launches With Relative Smoothness
Have you updated your 360 yet? I like it… But what do you think?

Bajca Emoticon Keyboard Doesn’t Come With a Hammer, Sadly
Because typing out an emoticon is just so difficult.

Mobile Browser Battlemodo: Which Phones Deliver The Real Web
Sorry, iPhone haters: Mobile Safari is still the best option. For the moment at least.

Philips Won’t Sell Home Theatre Equipment in North America Anymore
Don’t be too surprised if this trickles down to Australia in a few months time, just like their TV decision…

Windows 7 Touch Control Makes Media Centre Interface Awesome
I wish I could have a touchscreen PC in my kitchen…