Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Muesli.jpgLogitech Brings Anorexic Wireless DiNovo Keyboard To Macs For $US99 That's a nice looking keyboard.

Handmade Scythe Car Looks Like a Toy, is KITT-like Computerised And guaranteed to make you grow a bit in the man department (or at least trick people that you have).

Fuel Cells To Go Bendy, Fit Inside Gadget Corners Will we ever see the day that fuel-cell powered gadgets are allowed on planes though? My guess is no.

The Quiet Man Who May Become Apple King A must read for any Apple fanboy.

New Laptop Batteries to Last 8 Times Longer Than Current Crop Let's get these batteries into laptops today, please.

Meshpack: First Four Microsoft Live Mesh Apps Revealed Who's up for a competitive game of crossword puzzles?

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