Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

fruit yoghurt and granola breakfast.jpgThe iPhone Ocarina: Link Never Would Have Allowed This The real question is whether it will magically call my horse to me.

Sony Ericsson Claims 20MP Photography, HD Video Recording in 2012 Phones Come on - 20MP cameras in your phone would be awesome...

It's Official: Windows 7 Shipping Mid-2009 Hint: Don't buy a PC until then.

LG Bluetooth TV Is Obvious but Necessary Evolution of Television Surprising that this took so long to happen.

The Plain Old Stick Enters Into Toy Hall of Fame High technology at its finest.

Apple Leapfrogs RIM to Become #2 Smartphone Seller in the World Wow - I knew they were selling well, but this is huge!

Android Bug Reboots Phone Every Time You Type Reboot Unfortunately fails with the "Make me a sandwich" command.

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