Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

fruit yoghurt and granola breakfast.jpgSamsung Demonstrates Folding OLED Mobile Phone, Vindicates Thousands of Ridiculous Concepts Definitely want one of these.

Hardware Hoarder Builds Australia's Largest Computer Museum In His House Another Aussie gracing the world stage...

Zoybar Modular Instrument is a Guitar, Bass or Medieval Lute, Depending on Your Mood Finally! A Medieval lute for the rest of us!

BlackBerry Storm Torn Down To Reveal Secrets Of Its Click Screen: A Big Button Why is it that I actually find myself enjoying teardowns?

MIT's Huggable Robotic Bear Keeps Ill People From Feeling Sad Unless they see it without its face on - that's just scary.

At Gizmodo Gallery: The Lego Death Star Who wants to send me to New York?

Mobile Phone Gun Delivers Hot, Sneaky Death, Can't Send Text Messages Only available on a hitman's contract

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