Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

New MacBooks Disable Pwnage Tool, Open Second Front in War on Jailbreaking
I wonder how many innocent civilians will have to die before this ridiculous war ends…

RED Teases Nov 13th Announcement With Cryptic Renders, More Hyperbole
This could be the greatest invention since the wheel. Or sliced bread. Or Gizmodo. Or the Gizmondo…

Panasonic Buys Up Sanyo, Makes Japan’s Biggest Electronics Co
Hopefully we’ll see even more innovative Sanyo products now.

Herman Miller Embody Review: The Best Chair We’ve Ever Sat On
Wow, that does look like a comfy chair!

Organic Chlorophyll Battery Can Charge Up Using Any Liquid
Could this be the battery breakthrough the world has been waiting for?