BlackBerry Storm Tattoo Wins Guy a Storm For Real

Hands up who thought Zune guy was crazy, even after his recent tattoo makeover? Right...brace yourselves: The guys at Crackberry were running a "What would you do for a BlackBerry Storm?" contest, and they've got themselves a winner. A genuine new BlackBerry Storm-tattoo-toting winner. Ohgoodgodno. Check out the video of the nutter winner actually getting his tattoo, complete with "iPhone sucks" motto. And relish the delicious sight of the Apple-fan tattoo artist wearing an iPhone T-shirt, plus the final tat in closeup in the photos below.

That's one hellish big tattoo to have to conceal/rework/remove in a few years time. The resale value of the Storm might not even cover it. Still... at least he can wear a pair of long socks and hide its ugliness from the rest of us. [Crackberry]

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