Barack Obama's Quotes on Technology Reveal More About His Plans

I only wish the highly coveted "nerd vote" was analysed by the fancy computer technology that all of the major news networks were using during the election because I'm sure that demographic was key to Obama's victory. After last year's visit to Google HQ, it was clear that he would make the advancement of technology a top priority in his administration. If you are looking for more insight into his plans, has compiled a list of 12 Obama quotes on technology made throughout his campaign.

Take this quote from the Washington Times:

Pointing to President Kennedy's challenge to put a man on the moon, Mr. Obama said: "I will set big goals for this country as president - some so large that the technology to reach them does not yet exist."

We all know saying and doing are two completely different things—especially when it comes to a presidential election. Hopefully, he will actually be able to pull some of this off. Hit the link for the rest of the list. [Junauza via Digg]

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