AT&T Quickfire for Sale Early, but Only In the Real America

An observant small-towner spotted AT&T's Sidekick rival, the Quickfire, in a nameless rural burg somewhere in (we presume) the heartland. It's all hooked up, activated and everythin'. The Quickfire's official release is this Monday, Nov. 10th, but out there with the good people, deadlines don't matter so much. You can see up top there that this phone can navigate you to Main Street, not that Wall Street all them city folks have messed up so bad. The fine people over at FreeHTC ain't releasin' any location specifics, but you can find the phone's specs after the jump.

- 2.8" touchscreen display
- full QWERTY keyboard
- quad-band GSM and tri-band UMTS, as well as Bluetooth
- MicroSD slot
- $US99 with 2-year contract
- lime green, orange, or silver accents (!) [FreeHTC]

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