At Gizmodo Gallery: The Red One Camera

At Gizmodo Gallery: The Red One Camera

We’ll have a lot more than the 1983 Apple Phone prototype at the upcoming Gizmodo Gallery. Perhaps you were interested in getting a good look at the famous Red One camera? That’s good, because we sorta know a guy.

The Red One camera was never really interested in capturing HD video (1920×1080). Instead, the system’s Super 35mm-sized Mysterium sensor captures footage at 4K (3626×2664) in precious RAW format. The camera starts at only $US17,000, but once you get it fully loaded, the system can approach $US80,000. Sound like a lot of money? It is. But seeing as it doesn’t require purchasing or developing costly film and it still manages to nip the heels of 35mm quality, the Red One represents the democratisation of an ever-opening Hollywood system.

The Red One will be at Gizmodo Gallery this December 4th-7th, in NYC. [Gizmodo Gallery]

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