Asus Gets Customer Locked Up For 10 Months Over Defective Hardware

The Beijing Times is reporting on a shocking court case involving Asus and a young female customer named Huang Jing. It all started back in 2006 when Huang bought a V6800V model ASUS laptop from a Beijing retailer and quickly discovered it to be defective. She sent the computer back to Asus several times for repairs, but the problems persisted. Upon further examination, one of the replacement CPUs used to "fix" the computer was actually an Intel "engineering sample" and therefore unlawful to sell. Now here is where things get really crazy.

At that point, it appears that Huang got herself a lawyer and demanded that Asus pay the equivalent of $US5 million US dollars in compensation. If they did not comply, she threatened to break the news of their shady support practices to the media. In March of 2006, Asus had both Huang and her lawyer arrested for extortion. Nearly a year later, she was released after the powers-that-be determined that the evidence against her was inadequate.

Now, Huang is suing Asus again—this time for defamation, selling defected products and false accusation. She has even set up a website detailing Asus' offenses against their customers. It certainly appears that both parties are not free from blame here, so I highly doubt that she will be successful with the lawsuit. Either way, the whole situation is pretty frighting. [Danwei via Boing Boing Gadgets and Asus315]

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