Asus Goes Green With Aussie Launch Of Its Bamboo Series Laptops

Asus Goes Green With Aussie Launch Of Its Bamboo Series Laptops

AsusBambooSeries.jpgTaiwanese computer brand Asus launched its “Green Collection” on Wednesday night at a fashion event in Sydney. While I’m not sure I understand the link between fashion and an environmentally friendly computer range (Were the copious amounts of hairspray used, non-carcinogenic? Or perhaps it was an allusion to the typical model’s diet… I mean air is natural, right?), there’s no denying the Bamboo Series was the best looking, and most interesting, thing there- even if it did remind me of my parents’ ’70s linoleum kitchen.

The series comprises two notebooks; a 12.1 inch and a 11.1 inch model, with both powered by a range of Intel Core 2 Duo processors and Windows Vista. The computers incorporate up to 4GB of RAM and 320GB of storage, as well as gigabit Ethernet high speed connection and wireless-N Wi-Fi. The LED-back lit LCD screen will mean lower energy consumption, while the nifty little webcam should have all you posers hooked.

Of course, it’s not the notebook’s functionality that’ll have the store shelves empty by Christmas. True to its environmentally friendly claim, the laptops are covered in “artisan-grade Moso bamboo panelling” – Asus’ words not mine; “A cutting edge creation that incorporates innate, ornate aesthetics, each Bamboo Series notebook is organically unique and radiates a divine spirituality” – again, not my words.

Admittedly, the notebook doesn’t look as hideous as you might think. It’s managed to retain the sleek look of previous Asus products, at the same time replacing the cold feel with a fun, if a little retro, look. And it really does live up to its eco-friendly claim, with the bamboo design easier to dispose and recycle than its metallic counterparts.

The Series should hit stores in December, with a RRP of $3,499.