Astronauts Getting First Space Kitchen Fridge Ever Actually Wanted a Kegerator

They may be rocket scientists and spend years training for things going awry in the void of space, but NASA has revealed that astronauts in the International Space Station will face the biggest, most dangerous challenge humans have ever encountered through thousand of years of history: Home remodeling. Next weekend, the ISS will get the necessary materials to do an extreme makeover in the living area of the ISS, adding new quarters, urine recycling systems, a "state of the art" space gym, and the first kitchen fridge ever:

• New rooms will be added to the living area, increase the number of bedrooms from three to five, and the numbers of baths and kitchens from one to two.

• New water recovery system will be installed. It will recycle urine and condensation into drinking water, freeing space, lugging trips and making possible to increase the number of permanent astronauts in the ISS from three to six.

• New exercise machine capable of 30 routines will be installed.

The new gym and the new toilet.

• New fridge will be installed in the kitchen. This will be the first fridge ever in the space station, which will help the astronauts to keep fruit fresh for longer periods of time, as well as having cold drinks like—I guess—orange juice, Martinis and Margaritas.

NASA hasn't disclosed if Joe the Plumber will be travelling as part of the crew of seven that will take all these material in the space shuttle Endeavour this weekend. Hopefully not. Or maybe yes. I can't decide. In any case, Godspeed, ISS and Endeavour, Godspeed. [NASA]

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