Apple's First Trade Show Sign, Woz's Toolbox Up For Auction

Among the valuables that will be up for auction at Alexander Autographs in Stamford, CT on November 6th and 7th are two little gems that may be of some interest to Apple fans with deep pockets. The first item up for grabs is the very first sign Jobs and Wozniak used to promote Apple at trade shows in 1976. The sign also hung outside the company's Cupertino headquarters for several years.

The second item is a heavily-worn toolbox used by Steve Wozniak during the period that he created the Apple I and II. And, just in case you were sceptical about its origins, the toolbox includes a 4" long yellow "Dymo" self adhesive label bearing its owner's name: "STEVE WOZNIAK" right on the lid. Interested parties can login to the Alexander Autographs website and place a bid on the items—but expect to pay upwards of $US20K for the sign and $US5K for the toolbox. [Apple Sign and Toolbox via Alleyinsider]

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