Apple Shamed Into Shipping Tiny iPhone Power Adaptor in Non-Gargantuan Envelopes

A couple weeks ago, Apple made its grand entrance into our Shipping Hall of Shame by sending out its new, less horrifically hazardous USB power adapter for the iPhone 3G in these monstrous boxes, despite their huge emphasis lately on going green. All those boxes really add up too, since Apple recalled every single adapter. The iPhone Blog reports that they're now shipping them in much tinier, more efficient padded envelopes.

It seems sorta trivial, but when you consider how many huge companies send out thousands of ridiculously wasteful packages, the extra space and weight they take up on delivery trucks, requiring more fuel to be burned, it's actually kind of staggering just how anti-green these huge, unnecessary boxes are. So we're glad to see Apple, Amazon and others continually shrinking packaging and make it out of more eco-friendly materials, since it really will make a difference, and it's such an easy one to make, too. [The iPhone Blog]

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