Apple Gets Judge to Dismiss Psystar's Antitrust Counterclaim

Psystar, whose quasi-legit Mac clones brought the legal wrath of El Jobso down upon them, just had their antitrust countersuit against Apple thrown out. Apparently Psystar was trying to claim that Apple's OS X is it's own market separate from the other PC operating systems and suffer from a lack of hardware competition—thus the need for Psystar-like companies. Well Judge William Alsup was having none of it, dismissing the claim today. Alsup felt that Apple's high-profile advertising was proof enough that it was competing in the same market as Microsoft Windows (GREAT intuition there, judge!). In any case, Psystar has until December 8th to adjust their complaint, but they really don't have a lot to fall back on at this point. [Apple Insider via MacRumors]

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