10 Gadgets That Help You Cope With The End of Daylight Saving Time

Ever since daylight saving time ended last weekend, I've been a little depressed. By the time work is through, there is nothing but bleak, cold darkness outside. It perpetually feels later than it really is, and the horrible reality is that it will only get worse. By December 21st many of us will be experiencing full-on seasonal depression. The good news is that there are plenty of gadgets out there designed to reverse these effects and help us cope with our suffocating, sunless existence.


Philips LivingColors Lamp: Those suffering from the depressing lack of sunlight can conjure up 16 million unique colours at the push of a button on their remote. Unfortunately, the LivingColors Lamp has still not made its way to stores in the states. [Philips via Link]

Exideal: This device uses 280 LED lights and 10 modes that vary in both patterns and intensity in an attempt to promote a healthy mind as well as "permeate the vitamins and collagen in your skin and make you beautiful from the inside." I wouldn't stare directly into it though—there is nothing healthy about writhing around on the floor choking on your own tongue. [Exideal via Link]

Philips Wake-Up Light: This alarm clock stimulates your senses in the morning by simulating a natural sunrise. Over the course of 30 minutes, the intensity of the light increases "sending your brain a message to reduce the production of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone, and to increase the production of cortisol, the energy hormone." [Sadbox via Link]


Sunset Now: Adam Parker Smith's "Sunset Now" art installation allows the user to control the rising and setting of a simulated sun using a simple dimmer switch. [Adam Parker Smith via Link]

Rainbow in My Room: Discovery's "Rainbow in My Room" uses LEDs to recreate the lights of a real rainbow and projects it onto a wall or ceiling. It also doubles as leprechaun bait. [Discovery via Link]

SkyV Skylights: SkyV takes Sky Factory's faux skylight concept to the next level by adding natural movement using high definition LCD screens. So, even in the darkest depths of winter you can always stare up at a sun-filled sky. [Sky Factory via Link]

Portable Gadgets:

Verilux Book and Travel Light: This tiny travel light uses a full-spectrum cold-cathode bulb to simulate natural sunlight. You can use it to read a book or even shine it on your face to help eliminate dark circles under your eyes. [Verilux]

Verilux Readylight Solar Flashlight: Verilux also makes a handy full-spectrum flashlight (although you will need some real sunlight to charge it). Again, full-spectrum bulbs simulate actual sunlight so using this flashlight to tell ghost stories in the dark can actually lead to wellness. [Verilux]

Wicked Lasers Torch Flashlight: The LEDs in this torch are not full-spectrum, but it cuts through the darkness like dynamite thanks to 4100 lumens of power. Unlike the Verilux flashlight, I do not recommend this for ghost stories—although your face catching on fire would certainly scare the hell out of everyone in the room. [Wicked Lasers via Link]


Light Therapy Pet Bed: Even your pets can get the winter blues, which is why someone developed a sunlight simulating bed for cats an dogs. If every pet owner used one, I would suspect that the rate of cat and dog suicides during the winter months would plummet. [Link]

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