10 Gadgets For The Ultimate Thanksgiving Food Fight

Whenever a bunch of relatives gather around a table with copious amounts of alcohol, it is only a matter of time before things turn ugly. This year, try and let the anger and frustration out by throwing your food instead of fists and insults. Not only is it effective, it is a lot of fun too. The following ten gadgets will help give you the edge in the event a turkey war breaks out. When the dust settles, only you will be left standing. Then again, that could be the tryptophan kicking in.

Zing Launchers: Arm this spring loaded spoon with all of your unwanted vegetables and unload a broccoli barrage on that weird cousin with the lazy eye. [Perpetual Kid via Link]

Desktop Trebuchet: If the spoon-a-pult doesn't provide enough firepower, upgrade to this miniature trebuchet. Load it up with a wad of mashed potatoes covered in gravy a let 'er rip. [Firebox via Link]

Condiment Pistol: Now that you have the big guns working, it is time to get in there with some small arms. This oversized cartoon pistol will allow you to blaze your relatives with extreme tomato-flavoured prejudice. [Firebox via Link]

Liquor Pump Gun: Even the adults can get in on the act with a pump-action pistol that attaches to your favourite spirit bottles. Although, shooting your alcoholic father-in-law with a pricey bottle of Crown Royal is probably not the best strategy. [Budk]

High-Powered Potato Gun: Speaking of adults, this southern belle has a thing or two to teach you about making high-powered potato guns (not to mention those strange feelings you get "down there" whenever you see attractive women in their underwear using guns).

The "Moaster" Toaster Cannon: Tinkerer, toast aficionado and genius Freddie Yauner designed the "Moaster" to be the highest popping toaster in the world. Apparently, the CO2-powered system can pop toast an astonishing seven feet into the air. Imagine harnessing that power for evil by aiming that nook-and-cranny death machine at your enemies on the other side of the table. [Freddie Yauner via Link]

Pickle-Pult: So your sister decided to invite one of her best friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. Little does she know you had a "thing" with this friend a few months back. At one point she told you that it was "like throwing a pickle down a hallway." Show her what that is really like by unleashing the terror of a screaming pickle projectile. [Archie McPhee]

Marshmallow Blaster: Ahh...time for dessert! This pump-action blaster can shoot soft, sugary confections between 40 and 50 feet. [Hammacher via Link]

Bow and Mallow: Perhaps you prefer to dispense with guns for a more traditional hunt. The Bow and Mallow can pelt your prey up to distances of 10 metres just by pulling back on the bowstring. [Are You Game via Link]

Pie Cannon: Those bastard relatives of yours are on their heels! Time to end this battle with a swift and decisive action. Roll in a pie cannon like the one seen here and victory will be yours.

Bonus: Sometimes the enemy just doesn't know when to quit. In that case, the use of extreme force may be necessary. Stuffing up a turkey with thermite is like a Thanksgiving a-bomb. [OObject]

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