007-Gadget-Filled Superyacht For Sale, One Insane Owner: Saddam

For a cheap-at-half-the-price sum of just $US30million you could be the owner of the Basra Breeze—a 270-foot superyacht that Bond himself, or perhaps, more fittingly, a Bond-style supervillain would be proud of. Why? Because as well as your standard superyacht golden faucets, the Breeze has a helicopter landing deck, and a bullet-proof atrium.

Better yet there's even an escape pod accessed by a ship-wide secret passageway, and a place to install your collection of surface-air missiles. I'm certain I've seen both of those in Bond movies.

Plus you'd have the pleasure of owning a ship with the dubious cachet of once belonging to Middle-Eastern dictator, Saddam Hussein himself. The Iraqi government's the vendor, but if you're in the market for it, you'd better have no sense of style: apparently the interior decor is as crazy as the moustachioed-one himself was. [Photo: Luxist. DangerRoom]

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