Zune Guy Makes Yet Another Fantastic Life Decision

Zune Guy — arguably the greatest fanboy of our time — has decided to finally commit his acrimonious separation from his namesake to ink. So what does he do? He integrates the Zune logo into a tattoo of Dick Cheney as the Devil, where it serves as a makeshift inverted pentagram on the veep's forehead. As far as tattoos go, this not-quite-complete piece of agitprop is a minor improvement and much easier to explain — after all, Cheney isn't the most popular guy in the world, and people have at least heard of him.

Harder to explain will be Mr. Guy's crucial misunderstanding of what a pentagram looks like, and his apparent need to get tattoos that will by their very nature be completely irrelevant in a few years. In any case, Zune Guy clearly wants to engage with something bigger than consumer electronics, so I'm a little bit disappointed that he hasn't decided to throw his considerable weight behind one of the current presidential candidates. Forget Colin Powell — that would be a game-changer. [iPhone Savior - Thanks, Ry!]

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