Zacuto Kit Turns Video DSLRs Into Cheapo Movie Steadicams

Redrock's "cinematising" kit stirred up some attention last week with its bolt-on professional movie-camera-alike zoom controls and lens hoods for video DLSRs, and now Zacuto has something similar to offer. The camera sits up front in this rig, with the same kind of light controlling barn doors, fine focus and zoom controls, but this system has a video monitor and a structural beam that goes past the user's shoulder, over an adjustable pad, with counterweights behind, making the whole thing act a little like a steadicam. The system's customised for Canon's 5D Mark II and Nikon's D90, as you may expect, but fledgling videographers'll be disappointed that there's no pricing available yet. [Zacuto via Photographybay]

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