You Can't Really Tell Time With Scope 2 LED Watch, But It's So Awesome You Won't Care

The Scope 2 RGB LED watch is a beautiful piece of nerd time-keeping—fantastically future-retro, there's no goddamn way you can tell what time it is from a glance, thanks to its Rube Goldbergian way of signifying the march of seconds, minutes and hours. Depending on the model, green or red horizontal lines relay hours, while a contrasting colour targeting box surrounds the current five-minute interval. And then you've got individual minutes as dot clusters off to the side and down below. By the time you figure out what time it is, it won't be that time anymore. Here's how this craziness works:.

But I still really want one—actually the fact that I couldn't tell time with it is half the appeal, and $US200 is cheap for this much awesome. [Technabob]

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