You Almost Had Me, Fake Russian iPhone!

I'm the kind of guy who roots for the underdog. Sure, the real iPhone is pretty great. But I'm just as happy to see a clever manufacturer pull one over on us all and sell me an iClone on the cheap. This knockoff found in Russia doesn't look so bad at first glance. The battery is dead, the salesmen will contest. But hold that power button and you'll see the Apple logo flicker for a moment. See? Real iPhone!

That is, until you open it to replace the battery:

It looks like there are just enough electronic components to light up an Apple logo...powered by a couple of watch batteries. The only thing worse would be if we saw a miniature hamster on a wheel inside. In case you're interested in what a real iPhone looks like when its guts are spilled on the table, check it out here. [English Russia]

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