Yamaha’s RX-Z7 Receiver Brings High-End Back To Reality

Yamaha’s RX-Z7 Receiver Brings High-End Back To Reality

For those high-end home theatre nuts out there (you know who you are) who were lusting after Yamaha’s 11.2 channel RX-Z11 audio receiver but lacked the funding to add it to your movie den, Yammy has an early Christmas present for you.

Their new RX-Z7 draws inspiration from the flagship Z11, from its design to its feature set. There are five Version 1.3 HDMI inputs and dual HDMI outputs (for those of you with both a TV and a projector), and it will decode all those fancy new lossless audio codecs as well.

Previous Yamaha receiver users will be enamoured by the new GUI menu for customising settings on your screen, while the ethernet port means that you can now control your receiver over your home network on PDA devices or your iPhone.

There are countless, audio enhancement settings and multi-room settings, which you will probably never explore unless you’re one of those people we were talking about before. It’s also a green little receiver (or as green as receivers can be), consuming just 0.1 watts of energy when in standby.

It’ll hit shelves in November for an RRP of $3,999, which includes Yamaha’s YDS-11 iPod dock.