Xbox Slim: The Console Microsoft Didn't Slow Down to Make

After Microsoft launched the Xbox, they didn't have any intention of releasing an Xbox Lite or Xbox Slim. Instead, they went straight for the next generation with the 360. Meanwhile, one modder, caught in retro Xbox fandom, had to create a fantastic Xbox Slim of his own. Reduced by almost 5cm in length, width and height, the Xbox Slim has a total reduction in volume of around 60%. But that's just the start of it.

The weight is even more impressive, as it's been more than halved from 3.9kg to just 1.8kg. These skinnified reductions were possibly only through new components—a new slimline DVD/CD-R and 2.5-inch drive help reduce bulk and weight, a Wi-Fi adaptor makes for easy networking and then a pair of Iceberg4 Pro Chip Cooling fans keep it all from melting.

Sure, it'll play Xbox titles. But it's also fully packed XBMC media centre and every emulator around. [Xbox Scene via technabob]

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